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Sarah -  Nutritionist


Sarah is a Nutritionist who divides her time between her clinics in Harvey Nicols, Mayfair and Soho, coaching clients to achieve optimal health and wellness.  We decided to use her beautiful garden as a base for our shoot, full of herbs, healing plants and colour. We wanted the photographs to have a natural and fresh look to them.

Following an initial consultation, we drew up a check list of professional images that would provide a strong, visual representation of Sarah's business for her website and editorials, along with a bank of images for social media. The session itself was relaxed and chilled, taking our time in the spring sunshine in Sarah's garden, with her dogs joining in the fun.  

Susie - Reflexologist


Susie has developed her reflexology business over the past few years and needed a set of photographs for her website and instagram. Susie is an incredibly talented gardener and her work as a reflexologist is inspired by the natural world.  From that we decided to have two sessions, one in the spring and one in the summer to capture the light, colour and atmosphere which is the calm setting which influences her therapeutic work. The images recreated are clean fresh and natural, reflecting her style and approach.  


As a keen gardener and a fan of Susie's home made was the perfect shoot!

Sarah - Interior designer and life coach

Sarah needed some current photos for her website, social media and a range of upcoming projects.  We had worked together on a series of family portraits and wanted some of the natural and relaxed feel we had been able to create through this work. The images capture  the face behind her brand and showcase her interior design and life coach skills. 


Sarah bought along a collection of outfits and interior design products to illustrate how she might work with a client.  I love interior design and the images we created convey a sense of the her thoughtful yet inspired approach.   This process is critical to how I work  - I came to understand Sarah's philosophy so that her warmth and the relaxed atmosphere she created was there in the pictures we produced.  


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